Su-Jana & Gunther | Preggy Shoot | Michaelhouse

Pregnancy Photographer KZN

KZN Preggy Shoot

When I got a WhatsApp from my dear friend Karen to say she was sitting with a very irrational mother-to-be (her sister) and would I be free for a quick preggyy shoot in the next day or two, I jumped at the chance.  After all, is there anything more beautiful than an expectant mom, glowing with happiness (and bursting from the seams lol!!).

Shortly after that,   Su-Jana’d me and we decided to go for it.   Cos, seriously, preggy fairies are just fabulous.  Despite looking pretty poppable, Su was game for anything I suggested.  Gunther too was happy to lend a hand and go along with whatever ideas we had.  So a tractor or two, a menagerie of farm animals, a forest at the beautiful Michaelhouse, long, swaying brown grasses and a railway line and bobs your auntie ~ lots of pretty pregginess!!!

With not long to go, Su-Yana was amazingly agile all things considered.  Take a peak and……watch this space.  Can’t wait to meet this little miracle in the flesh soon (so to speak).  Su – hang in there – tickety tock.  Thank you for being such a fun mom-to-be and wishing both of you all the best in the days to come with little Hugo man.

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Newborn Photography | KZN Midlands | Ethan

KZN Midlands Newborn Photographer

Nothing more delicious and squishy than a 5 day new little man.  Ethan was the perfect model for a Newborn shoot – he slept just about the entire time.

Little Addison – his older sister was just as sweet but despite the warm welcome I got on arrival she just didn’t want to look at the camera.  Bit like me – camera-shy :-).  Anyway – very happy with the results and thanks to Kate for being so chilled with me handling her precious bundle.

KZN Midlands Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography | Cape Town | Gustaav, Kylie and Baby Briah

“A baby girl… one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can ever know, and one of the reasons why there is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness in your world today.”

Author: Unknown
Newborn Photography has to be one of the most difficult genres – but so incredibly special and always packed with love and wonder!

What a pleasure to photograph one week old bunch of squishiness –  lady Briah.  Little newborn Gosling to Mommy  Kyles and Daddy Goosie.  Congratulations to the two of you.  May she bring only joy, happiness and fulfillment in your lives.


Newborn Photography with Gustaav, Kylie and Briah
Family love – plus one makes three
Newborn and Family Photography in Cape Town
Baby Briah – soft and squishy and so delicious
Newborn and Family photographer based in Cape Town
Blowing in the breeze
Newborn and Family Photographer based in Cape Town
Owls keeping watch
Newborn and Family Photographer based in Cape Town
Pink and delicious. Loving the cheeks <3
Newborn and Family Photographer based in Cape Town
Gotta love those rosebud lips <3 <3 <3
Newborn and Family Photographer based in Cape Town
Newborn sleepiness – Baby Briah looking content in purple


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