Steve owns a paint shop.  Eileen is a wife and mother to three busy children.  Lucky for us, they decided to branch off from paint and parenting to open up a coffee and interior/gifting shop.

Rather amusingly, you have to go through the paint shop to get to the coffee shop. Bread & Butter and Living Textures came to life less than 6 months ago.  After a personal tragedy last year, Eileen needed something to challenge her and occupy her physically and mentally.  Since then, this establishment has become a destination in the area.  Situated close to Elkanah High School and slap bang in the middle of Builders Warehouse and the West Coast Village Shopping centre (with Blaauberg netcare hospital down the road) Bread & Butter has become a meeting place for all sorts.  Mommies having a quick coffee after the school drop, business meetings, church meetings, in-between-gym and shopping meetings.  Aside from astoundingly good coffee (Steve has a secret recipe for their own blend), mouth-wateringly delish cupcakes and muffins and rather yummy open sandwiches, there is an array of goodies to buy as gifts.  From wooden hearts that will permeate any room with the soft smells of  lavendar, vanilla or sandalwood to gorgeous ceramics made by local potter – Hayley.  Coffee and good nosh aside, if you’re looking for a gift or a self-spoil, you will definitely find something here, at a reasonable price nogal.

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 Food Photographer, Interior Photographer – Cape Town

Food Photographer, Interior Photographer – Cape Town


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Food Photography and Interior Photography by Dee During Photography

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