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Steve owns a paint shop.  Eileen is a wife and mother to three busy children.  Lucky for us, they decided to branch off from paint and parenting to open up a coffee and interior/gifting shop.

Rather amusingly, you have to go through the paint shop to get to the coffee shop. Bread & Butter and Living Textures came to life less than 6 months ago.  After a personal tragedy last year, Eileen needed something to challenge her and occupy her physically and mentally.  Since then, this establishment has become a destination in the area.  Situated close to Elkanah High School and slap bang in the middle of Builders Warehouse and the West Coast Village Shopping centre (with Blaauberg netcare hospital down the road) Bread & Butter has become a meeting place for all sorts.  Mommies having a quick coffee after the school drop, business meetings, church meetings, in-between-gym and shopping meetings.  Aside from astoundingly good coffee (Steve has a secret recipe for their own blend), mouth-wateringly delish cupcakes and muffins and rather yummy open sandwiches, there is an array of goodies to buy as gifts.  From wooden hearts that will permeate any room with the soft smells of  lavendar, vanilla or sandalwood to gorgeous ceramics made by local potter – Hayley.  Coffee and good nosh aside, if you’re looking for a gift or a self-spoil, you will definitely find something here, at a reasonable price nogal.

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 Food Photographer, Interior Photographer – Cape Town

 Food Photographer, Interior Photographer – Cape Town

Food Photographer, Interior Photographer – Cape Town

Food Photographer, Interior Photographer – Cape Town

Food Photographer, Interior Photographer – Cape Town


Dee During Photography


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Food Photography and Interior Photography by Dee During Photography

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THE CADILLAC – String Quartet promo shoot

Had the great pleasure of photographing the four very gorgeous ladies who make up brand new string quartet – THE CADILLAC

We were lucky enough to get a beautiful Pink Cadillac loaned to us by its owner – Anthony and after posting an invite on the KIKI forum – 4 other togs joined me in what ended up being a fabulous day.  Starting off at Durbanville Hills Wine Estate, shooting in the heat of the day, with the sun directly overhead is NOT ideal but – we made it work and decided to finish off our session in the cool forest at Poplars @ D’Aria.  Lovely.  Thanks go to fellow togs – Jon Meinking, Liezel van der Merwe, Kym Clayton Smith and Freda Roetjens as well as the four wonderfully patient members of the band:

Elina, Valentina, Natascha and Petra

Well done everyone!

There’s a praying mantis on your naked hero

On a shoot recently I had a friend of a friend cover “the making of”. As part of his camera equipment, he brought along a little camera called the GoPro. Totally amazing piece of equipment which I unfortunately told my husband all about. He is a fly fisherman you understand and this little mini video camera is all about action. Whether you surf, kitesurf, paddleski, fly fish, mountain bike – this little camera will be there with you. Stuck to your helmet, your boat even your fishing rod if its what your heart desires and there you can capture all the action without having to rely on anyone else.

After much hinting I realised I had to get this little gadget for his birthday. So, for the first time, I ordered something from the States, over the internet. Then, thinking it would take months, even years to get here, I left on my trip to Hong Kong without another thought for the Gopro. Needless to say, I got an email from the company whilst overseas saying the article had been shipped. After a few days I got an email from hubby with question marks all over it, asking what I had waiting for me at Fedex. Then he gets a call from the guy telling him he needs to pay import duty before they will deliver the object. Hubby of course wants to know what it is. Silence on the other end of the line. “Well, the guy says eventually, it says on here that its a naked hero!” and then gulps, “but its in a little box!”. My husband tries hard not to fall apart laughing. He’s guessed immediately that his hearts desire has indeed come early and his darling wife has spoilt him with the Gopro. Naked Hero is the name given to the little camera made especially for action sports.

Days later, sitting at a coffee shop having a cuppacino, my little boy finds a praying mantis. Next thing he shouts (rather loudly as little boys do); “Dad, dad, there’s a praying mantis on your naked hero!” Probably won’t go back to that coffee shop for a while.