KZN Property Photography | Lavendar Trout Farm | Balgowan

KZN Property Photography

KZN Property Photography – Lavendar Trout Farm – Balgowan – R103

Its quite weird.  When we first came to the Midlands in 2012 for my sister-in-laws wedding, we really struggled to find decent accommodation.  Obviously, not knowing the area at all (I didn’t even know Nottingham Road existed prior to then), we didn’t know where to look.

Now, a few years down the line, I still cannot get over some over the amazing places there are within a fairly short radius.

Lavendar Trout Farm is beautiful.  Jo has a really classy, yet quirky and just really well constructed way of putting her rooms together.  All of them different yet they tie in so well.  I would stay here in a heart beat.


{From Safari Now) Lavender Trout Farm in Nottingham Road is located on the R103 on the Midlands Meander- only 3kms from Michaelhouse School and 7km from the centre of town. These 3 self-catering houses are surrounded with gorgeous views and 3 dams. All the houses are fully equipped and are provided with 100% percale linen and bath towels.

  • Lavender Trout House has 3 main bedrooms (king) on- suite and a dormitory that can sleep x6. There are also 2 extra bathrooms that lead of the lounge area. This house can sleep up to 12 people and has a big lounge with a fireplace, dining area, TV Room, DSTV, reading area, quirky bar, pizza oven, Weber braai and a big veranda.
  • Armstrong’s Cottage has 2 bedrooms on suite. (Sleeps x4 people). It has an open plan lounge with a fireplace, DSTV, dining area, kitchen, Weber braai and a front and back veranda.
  • Harvey’s House has 4 bedrooms and three bathrooms. (Sleeps x10 people). It has an open plan lounge/dining area with a fireplace, TV area with DSTV, kitchen, spacious front veranda with Weber braai.
KZN Midlands Property Photography
Harveys House
KZN Property Photographer
Harvey House – verandah with doors into main bedroom
KZN Property Photographer
Interior of Harveys House
KZN Property Photographer
Main Bedroom – Harveys House
KZN Property Photographer
Kitchen @ Harveys House
KZN Property Photographer
Twin beds in Armstrongs Cottage
KZN Property Photographer
Armstrongs Cottage
KZN Property Photographer
Dining area @ lavender Trout Cottage
KZN Property Photographer
Kitchen @ Lavender Trout Cottage
KZN Property Photographer
Armstrong Cottage
KZN Property Photographer
KZN Property Photographer
View from Lavender Trout cottage

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KZN Family Photography {Mooi River] – Kent Family

Midlands Family Photographer

KZN Family Photography – Kent Family

There is a lot to be said for country living.  Well.  I guess I’m not much of a city gal so for me – there’s everything to be said about country life and Clare and her family certainly embody what this is all about.

As well as living with 8 horses, 2 jacks, about 100 endemic dwarf chameleons, the odd cat and who knows what else, Clare grows the most amazing veggies.  If you join her gym class at Fordoun (she’s a real tyrant) you’re more than likely to come home with a gorgeous, fresh, organic head of broccoli (and a very sore body).  I have to say, I’m looking forward to her future crop of asparagus!!!

Its quite clear where this family’s passion lies and it was a complete pleasure to capture them in their home environment.  This is why I particularly enjoy “location-style” shoots as opposed to in studio with flash.  People are generally uncomfortable in front of the camera so it takes awhile to warm up and chill out.  When a family are in their own space its a lot easier to chill and actually enjoy the experience rather than feeling spare and wondering what to do with oneself.

Thanks Kent brood.  In the words of the great non-president:  “I’ll be back!”

Midlands Family Photographer

KZN Family PhotographerMidlands Family PhotographerKZN Family PhotographerMidlands Family Photographer Midlands Family Photographer Midlands Family Photographer Midlands Family Photographer Midlands Family Photographer Midlands Family Photographer KZN Family Photographer KZN Family Photographer KZN Family Photographer KZN Family PhotographerKZN Family Photographer

Grant & Vera | Granny Mouse | KZN Weddings

KZN Wedding Photographer

KZN Weddings |  Grant & Vera

It was second time around for both Grant and Vera.  They almost made it to the magistrates court but their nearest and dearest wouldn’t hear of it.

I’m so glad they didn’t! Instead close friends and family decided that they too wanted to share in their nuptials so  Granny Mouse Country House in Balgowan was booked.  A truly special  day and a testament to the path they have travelled to get there (which I gather was not the easiest).

Vera’s daughter, Jenna was a major part of the whole affair.   From getting dressed with her Mom, walking with her up the aisle, to the handing over of the rings.

Grant and Vera, the images speak volumes – you make each other laugh and enjoy each others company .  Two warm-hearted, kind and loving people, may your life together be beautiful, peaceful and loving going forward.  It was a privilege being a part of your day.

Thank you for choosing me as your photographer <3

Vera-Grant-0001-2 KZN Wedding Photographer Vera-Grant-0021 KZN Wedding Photographer Natal Photographers Wedding Photographers KZN Vera-Grant-0143 Vera-Grant-0146 Vera-Grant-0169 Vera-Grant-0219 KZN Wedding Photographers Vera-Grant-0248 Vera-Grant-0253 Vera-Grant-0275 KZN Midlands Wedding Photographers Vera-Grant-0288 Photographers in KZN Vera-Grant-0301 KZN Child Photographers Vera-Grant-0313 Vera-Grant-0319 Vera-Grant-0340 Wedding Photographers in the Midlands Vera-Grant-0380 KZN Wedding Photographers


St. Annes Diocesan College {Chanel Dance}

KZN Midlands Photographer – Diocesan College ~ Gr. 10 Chanel Ball pre-drinks

Chiffon, satin, organza and lace. From soft pinks and pastels, blues and lavender to stunning red, teal, orange and emerald green. So it was with the beautiful young ladies of the St Annes 10th Grade.

I have to say, personally, I LOVE the long, elegant style that appears to be the preference in KZN Midlands schools. I’ve seen quite a few high school dance photos where the dresses barely cover bums. For me understated elegance and a chic sense of style beats sexy and sassy any day (at this stage).

The girls were all radiant and Helium balloons and photo booth props added a sense of fun to the evening. Last but least, the paparazzi (i say this with a smile). The proud Papas and pretty Mums who chaperoned their daughters to this particular dance.

I look forward to next year ladies <3<3<3

St. Annes

Natal Photographer