Shortly after arriving back from Europe, I was asked by a photographer friend if I could photograph this occasion. She remembered me mentioning that I was keen to do a bit more community work and “give back” a bit. This is what happens when you love what you do so much.

The experience was beautiful and humbling. I left with a few tears but enjoyed a lot of smiles. The children were from a variety of HIV homes and a few from Red Cross cancer unit. They seemed a bit of wary of things at first but you could see the excitement and intrigue of the day just took over. After painting some slippers (which they took home with them afterwards), they could explore the Science Centre freely. Mcdonalds and cake and a science experiment – some happy kids and a rather tired phhotographer rounded the day off. Here are two of my faves. Head on over to my facebook page if you’d like to view the whole album and please “like” the Reach for a Dream facebook page. The more exposure, I’m sure, the better.

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