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Child Photographer ~ Dee During


I was recently asked by a friend/colleague of mine, Sharon, if I would take part in a Valentines Day styled shoot that she wanted to set up to promote her business Chic Sugar.  Now, I have met Sharon a few times, follow her FB page  and feel that I  have some idea of her level of gorgeousness.  So – who was i to resist!  We set the date for Sunday, 27th January.  Sharon got the whole thing together including a kissing booth, stationery, make up artiste, 2 little chickens aged 4, cupcakes, sweeties, props and clothing for the kiddies.

We woke up at the crack 0f dawn and the South Easter (I’ve given it capital letters in respect) was HOWLING!  Being brave and industrious souls, we decided to go ahead with it anyway.

As a Child Photographer, I know, one needs patience and it helps when the elements play along.  Photographing little ones in a howling gale is potentially life threatening 🙂

Everyone (and I mean …. everyone) was incredibly patient.  Got on with it and did the best they could in a rather difficult environment.  A few glass goodies broke, heart-shaped balloons got popped on broken mussel shells and things got blown away but all in all, I think we did a grand job.

Cape Town Party Photographer-Dee During PhotographySA Child Photographer-Cape Town Kid Photography

With gorgeous red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese topping by Claire from Take the Cake, Kissing Booth, signage and detail on the sweeties by Pretty in Stains and Make-up by Love the Look Make-up.

Thanks everyone for your time, effort and patience and especially Sharon of @Chic Sugar –

If anyone is interested in booking me for their KIDDY BIRTHDAY PARTIES why not give me a call on 0794969761 or email me


StartSelection:0000000199 EndSelection:0000002321 Chic Sugar – (Chic Sugar Custom Candy Buffets)
Sharon Moore (Styling)
Bridget Nywanhewe (assistant)
Phone 084 559 1114
Facebook <>

Take The Cake (Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese topping)
Claire Roberto
Phone 072 982 1818
Facebook: takethecake

Pretty in Stains (Kissing Booth and Candy Buffet Stationery)
Melissa Ketterer
084 439 4747
Facebook: prettyinstains

Love The Look Make Up (Make up)
Linzi Lofthouse
Phone 083 594 3340
Facebook: love the look makeup

Models (Don’t know Yarden’s surname but perhaps better without them):

Roy, Lara & Adam’s family photoshoot | Cape Town

Finally got around to doing Lara’s family photoshoot last week.

Every time I saw her in the last couple of years Lar said she REALLY wants to do her family photies at some point.  Eventually I think I just said, “yes”, what-eva 🙂  Seriously tho’ – I honestly thought it would never happen. 

Well,  clearly, it did.  And what an awesome experience and enjoyable few hours it was.  So easy to see that the little dude is the complete apple of both of their eyes.  Talking of eyes – see if you can spot his amazing duo coloured ones !

When I arrived at Rhodes Memorial there was a humungous film shoot going on – they’d taken over the whole area that I wanted to use.  So – we improvised and decided to try a few other spots.  Slightly out of my comfort zone but it worked out well in the end.  I think Roy was relieved he didn’t have to sit on one of the lions anyway, he he.

The light in the late afternoon was so beautiful.  Soft, gentle long shadows and snippets of light dancing on the grass made it look  like it lit from below  Lara looked beautiful, Roy didn’t seem to fazed by the whole photoshoot thing, which I thought he would be – and every so often Adam gave me a beautiful moment which helped capture the ties that clearly bind this beautiful family.  When Adam poked his Dad in the eye with a stick I thoughts its perhaps time to call it a day.   

Thanks guys!  It was real.