Kylie & Gerric’s Wedding |Cranford Country Lodge | KZN Midlands – part 2

KZN Midlands Wedding Photographer

Midlands Country Wedding Part 2 – The Celebration: Bridal Portraits and Reception party

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Some advice for future brides from Kylie ?

My advice would be to relax and enjoy getting ready with your bridesmaids, the lead up to walking down the isle is such a special moment spent with those closest to you. I spent the entire day full of nerves and I wish I had chilled out a bit more. I would also say, in the middle of all the fun, stop and look around you, remember everyone there, is there for you 🙂

Funniest moment of your wedding day?

There are many funny and embarrassing moments, however I think my father forgetting his socks had to take the cake for me. He had this smart suit and shoes on, and every time he took a step you could see his skiny hairy ankles poking out.

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Kylie & Gerric’s Wedding | Cranford Country Lodge | part 1

Kylie & Gerric flew in from the UK to KZN for their wedding at the gorgeous Cranford Country Lodge.  Situated on the R103 near Currys Post, Cranford is an absolutely stunning venue for “country-chic” weddings. From the minute I met Kylie (bearing in mind we’d only ever communicated over email), I knew I liked her.  Warm, welcoming and with abundant personality we fell into an easy relationship straight away.  Her huge eyes and Greta Garbo style intrigued me the minute I had her in my lens :-). Not forgetting her husband, Gerric.  A gentle giant with an easy humour and an observant eye. It was quite obvious that Gerric was madly in love with his wife-to-be. The two met as young teenagers sharing the same high school lift club. From what I recall of the speeches Kylie didn’t even look twice :-). Or was it the other way around?? However, the pair soon got over themselves and got together in the matric holidays. Think we are talking 12 years ago now. Gerric proposed by flying Kylie down to Cape Town, driving through Stellenbosch, then along the coast and finally checking into a romantic, luxury beach lodge in Hout Bay. On the second evening, sundowners in hand, sun slinking low below the horizon, he got down on the proverbial bended knee……. So much laughter, and tears to match, the wedding was a study in procrastination. Only joking. The wedding was absolutely sublime. The mist that drew in slowly and eventually descended like a blanket on the proceedings only served to add to the mood and mystical quality of the afternoon and evening. Thank you once again Kylie and Gerric for the wonderful privilege of capturing your wedding memories.  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.


Midlands Weddings-Kylie-Preps-1 Midlands Weddings-Kylie-Preps-5 Midlands Weddings-Kylie-Preps-7 Midlands Weddings-Kylie-Preps-20 Midlands Weddings-Kylie-Preps-24 Midlands Weddings-Kylie-Preps-43 KZN Midlands Wedding Photographer Midlands Weddings-Kylie-Preps-37 KZN Midlands Wedding Photographer KZN Midlands Wedding Photographer   2015-01-12_0022   2015-01-12_00102015-01-12_0011 KZN Midlands Wedding Photographer KZN Midlands Wedding PhotographerKZN Midlands Wedding PhotographerKZN Midlands Wedding Photographer KZN Midlands Photographers KZN Midlands Wedding Photographer

The Breytenbachs

KZN Midlands Family Photography | Gowrie Farm

We were blessed with the most beautiful wintry afternoon light for this family photo shoot.   There was also no shortage of posing and monkey-business going on.  Loved the absolute spontaneity that characterised these two precious little sausages.  They really made me giggle.  Beautiful, Beautiful family.  And shooting on Gowrie Farm was also quite pleasant with the amazing scenery, autumn leaves lying everywhere and the beautiful soft duskiness of the afternoon.  And then it got cold and we had to go in for some wine.  So very pleasant.  Thanks guys.









KZN Midlands Food Photography

Portrait & Portfolio Photography | Cape Town | Dani M.

Portrait & Portfolio Photography

Let me just say outright – I love Portfolio Photography.

I met Sharon awhile back when she was starting her fabulous Chic Sugar business in Cape Town and I was still trying to build my portfolio as a Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer. We agreed to do a trade exchange a couple of times and ended up working really well together.   So, quick punt for her;  if you’re looking for something really amazing, stylish, different and VERY sweet for any type of celebrations go on over and have a gander at Sharons’ fab website.

Anyway – it being December and everyone in Notties allegedly skedaddling all over the countryside and the fact that I had a wedding booked – I decided to head to Cape Town for the December.  So it came to pass that Sharon asked me to do a photo shoot for her 15 year old daughter.

These are the results.  They are rather lovely but then again it helps when you have a “model” with exquisite features (even if she doesn’t know it herself).  Dani – you’re gorgeous – don’t ever forget it.

Model Portfolio Photographer - KZN Midlands
Model Portfolio Photographer - KZN Midlands

Model Portfolio Photographer - KZN MidlandsModel Portfolio Photographer - KZN Midlands




Model Portfolio Photographer - KZN Midlands

Model Portfolio Photographer - KZN Midlands

Model Portfolio Photographer - KZN Midlands

Model Portfolio Photographer - KZN Midlands

Model Portfolio Photographer - KZN Midlands

Model Portfolio Photographer - KZN Midlands

Model Portfolio Photographer - KZN Midlands