St. Annes Diocesan College {Chanel Dance}

KZN Midlands Photographer – Diocesan College ~ Gr. 10 Chanel Ball pre-drinks

Chiffon, satin, organza and lace. From soft pinks and pastels, blues and lavender to stunning red, teal, orange and emerald green. So it was with the beautiful young ladies of the St Annes 10th Grade.

I have to say, personally, I LOVE the long, elegant style that appears to be the preference in KZN Midlands schools. I’ve seen quite a few high school dance photos where the dresses barely cover bums. For me understated elegance and a chic sense of style beats sexy and sassy any day (at this stage).

The girls were all radiant and Helium balloons and photo booth props added a sense of fun to the evening. Last but least, the paparazzi (i say this with a smile). The proud Papas and pretty Mums who chaperoned their daughters to this particular dance.

I look forward to next year ladies <3<3<3

St. Annes

Natal Photographer









KZN Food Photography {HARTFORD HOUSE}

KZN Food Photography – Chef Constantijn Hahndiek

My passion for food and photography continues unabated…….so I was of course rather thrilled when the GM from Hartford House – Duncan Bruce – called me to set up our next shoot.  They had a VIP guest,  restaurant crit and blogger, Chris Von Ulmenstein and Chef Tijn was preparing some special dishes.  I have to admit,  I got to taste each and although they were all beautifully presented, smelled sensational and tasted divine – the Quail did it for me.

The yummy bread served at your table


Surprise dessert
Dee During Photography - Food Photographer
Heirloom kale and cremealat gorgonzola with oven roast grapes
UP next was JODIS QUAIL – seared quail breast, sweet corn chowder, crispy pancetta and bacon powder
Rock Cod on the rocks – grilled with clay baked potato, pea puree and the magical confit egg yolk. Paired with Creation Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
KZN Food Photographer - Dee During Photography
Best End of Lamb – winters end vegetables, beetroot gnocchi and kalamata olives paired rather nicely with Thelema Merlot
Hartford House Food Photographer
Apples gone Rhubarb – Parfait, compressed apple with butter cake and gel. Paired with Klein Constantia vin de Constance.

Sam’s Family Shoot | KZN Midlands

Midlands Family Photographer

KZN Midlands Family Photography 

Sam was given a voucher for a Family photoshoot with me by a group of girl friends. Took us ages to set a date with the inclement midlands weather and kiddies getting sick, but we finally got down to it and had a great shoot!  Her little guys are too cute.  Loved their facial expressions.


Sam & George | Dargle Valley

Midlands Meander Wedding Photographer

So…..Sam & George hail from Hotazel.  To be honest I had never heard of the place.  Ignorant I know.

The icon of sweltering South African weather is the little village of Hotazel in the Northern Cape.

Ironically enough, Hotazel is not the hottest place in the country. Weather charts for the area register 37 degrees Celsius on the top end of the scale – and a chilly 3 degrees Celsius at the bottom.  Hotazel lies deep in the Kalahari, which in itself is a San/Bushman derivative word of ‘Kgalagadi’, meaning ‘the waterless place’.

KZN Midlands Wedding Photographer

Well, on the big day – rain was predicted but luckily for the couple (and the photographer),   the rain held off!   The day was quite warm and the Autumn colours were astounding.   The couple shoot was relaxed and when the crazy bridal party joined in,  it got a little more, well, crazy!!!

Dargle Wedding PhotographerKZN Midlands BridePietermaritzburg WeddingsKZN Midlands Weddings-Sam&George-Dargle-372Pietermaritzburg WeddingsKZN Midlands Weddings-Sam&George-Dargle-381KZN Midlands BrideKZN Midlands BrideKZN Midlands BrideKZN Wedddings-Dargle-Rautenbach_080Pietermaritzburg WeddingsKZN Wedddings-Dargle-Rautenbach_081

Some Service Provider love:

Marquee was supplied by Muirheads Hiring
Catering by CHC Catering (PMB)
Flowers – stunning arrangements were done by Lizzy Joubert from Namibia and Francie Poolman from Kuruman
Dress – Bride-Zilla (JHB)
Cake – Kathryn Stone (PMB)
Music – Sound Mechanix – Sean Swansean (PMB)