So…..Sam & George hail from Hotazel.  To be honest I had never heard of the place.  Ignorant I know.

The icon of sweltering South African weather is the little village of Hotazel in the Northern Cape.

Ironically enough, Hotazel is not the hottest place in the country. Weather charts for the area register 37 degrees Celsius on the top end of the scale – and a chilly 3 degrees Celsius at the bottom.  Hotazel lies deep in the Kalahari, which in itself is a San/Bushman derivative word of ‘Kgalagadi’, meaning ‘the waterless place’.

KZN Midlands Wedding Photographer

Well, on the big day – rain was predicted but luckily for the couple (and the photographer),   the rain held off!   The day was quite warm and the Autumn colours were astounding.   The couple shoot was relaxed and when the crazy bridal party joined in,  it got a little more, well, crazy!!!

Dargle Wedding PhotographerKZN Midlands BridePietermaritzburg WeddingsKZN Midlands Weddings-Sam&George-Dargle-372Pietermaritzburg WeddingsKZN Midlands Weddings-Sam&George-Dargle-381KZN Midlands BrideKZN Midlands BrideKZN Midlands BrideKZN Wedddings-Dargle-Rautenbach_080Pietermaritzburg WeddingsKZN Wedddings-Dargle-Rautenbach_081

Some Service Provider love:

Marquee was supplied by Muirheads Hiring
Catering by CHC Catering (PMB)
Flowers – stunning arrangements were done by Lizzy Joubert from Namibia and Francie Poolman from Kuruman
Dress – Bride-Zilla (JHB)
Cake – Kathryn Stone (PMB)
Music – Sound Mechanix – Sean Swansean (PMB)

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