KZN Midlands Weddings

Well, Nadine & Kevin’s nuptials were bound to be something special.  With Kevin & co. in full Scottish regalia and living in the very Midlands of KZN, words like Sporran, Glengarry and Balgowan,were all very familiar.

On a stunning summers day in the Midlands, the pair tied the knot on their farm between Mooi River and Rosetta.  Aside from being a guest at the wedding I was lucky enough to be there for the getting ready bits and waiting with the bride for her brother to come and escort her into her grooms arms.  For the ceremony and reception, they had another professional tog on hand which was great as I could relax and enjoy the occasion.  It was, in no uncertain terms, a fantastic one.  Kevin spoke from the heart.  Nadine was emotional for a bit while her hair was being done and then so so so happy.  Not so much a blushing bride as a bride enjoying her day to the max.  Food by the Rosetta Hotel was amazing and the decor by Ester Dobbins from Midlands Style Events was also exceptional and of course hair by the one and only Sarah from Knotts Salon.  Make-up was skilfully applied by Cindy Theunnison – 0834579518.   All in all, a very special day.  The pictures tell their own story.



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