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I have always wanted to start a separate category to photograph teenagers (both guys and girls).  Called “Beautiful YOU!”, the idea behind this is more than a portfolio shoot ~ its to help teens grow in their confidence and understand that no matter who they are, there is beauty within them and if they understand that, it will radiate outwards.  Kind of fits with my Wabi~Sabi philosophy that I so love ~ meaning, very simply – “finding beauty in imperfection!”.  We are all human, we are all imperfect and yet we all have something beautiful about us.  My aim is to find your beauty.

I enjoy playing around with different textures and backgrounds as well as working with composites.

North Coast Model Photographer
Set me Free

I have wanted to photograph Jess for ages.  Finally, her Mom and I said “lets do it!”  and we did!  A gentle, sweet, beautiful girl inside and out.  We played around a bit with portrait-style shots and then I tried out a few images so I could work with composites.  I like the one I’ve titled “set me free” the best.  So much fun to do.  Thanks Jess and Lolo xxx

North Coast photographer

Durban Model Photographer







Kwazulu Natal Model Portfolios

Ballito Photographer

North Coast Photographer

North Coast Photographer


North Coast Photographer

North Coast Food Photographer

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