Spending time with Jackie, Chief Honcho boss dude at Bundu Networx, always involves plenty of spits and giggles.  Needless to say, on this particular occasion, celebration of his folks 50th Wedding Anniversary, there was a fair amount of that.

To my surprise, on arriving at the venue, I was piled into a van – with the whole family whom I’d never met, aside from Jackie obviously.  Felt a bit like I was being kidnapped.

Anyhoo – we bumped and ground our way along the farm roads of Brahmin Hills to find the best spots for light and scenery and ease of reach.  I was hoping a few zebbies, or even Brahmin cows themselves would photobomb us, but no such luck.  Was huge fun tho and the family played the game so I didn’t have to be too bossy.

Ended our shoot back at the main reception of the Brahmin Hills Hotel at which point our friend Jackie (although he probably doesn’t realise it) very nearly landed in the water feature.

Thanks guys – for a fun time and a great shoot and to Mrs & Mrs Momberg senior – Congratulations and here’s to many many more happy years together.



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