According to the Kamberg Tourism website:

“The Kamberg Valley is home to a group of friendly, hospitable people who are gregarious, happy, experimental, social, fun, outgoing and wonderful people. The Kamberg Valley is one of the most beautiful areas providing easy access to the Drakensberg and the Midlands. Once you have visited us, you will be sure to come back for more.Visit the Kamberg and you will experience, peace, tranquility, vast open spaces, a community which are “the salt of the earth”. The valley is essentially a farming one, but as Kambergians are social “animals” we love to host visitors in our valley. Tourism has not taken away the Kamberg experience but has rather added to it.”

Well – if they Steyn Family were anything to go by – the above quote is pretty accurate.

The 4o minute drive up to their potato farm was pretty breath-taking.  As I wound my way along the Kamberg Road – passing the turn off to the utterly charming Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse – I felt lost in my thoughts and utterly at peace.

So the next two hours spent photographing the family in their garden and lovely home was an absolute pleasure.

KZN Midlands Wedding Photographer

So what happens in the Kamberg?
1. Hot Air Ballooning
2. Outrides on Appaloosa Horses through the Kamberg Valley and up into the  the Little Berg
3. Tubing on the Little Mooi River
4. Walks along the Little and Big Mooi Rivers
5. Experience the fresh mountain air after a magnificient electrical or rain storm
6. World Heritage Site – best San Paintings in the world (at Giant’s Castle and Kamberg)
7. Vulture restaurants
8. Abseiling
9. Trout (river and dam) and Bass fishing on private waters (accommodation booking required)
10. Birding
11. Sitting on your “butt” and drinking in the sounds, smells and attitude of the Kamberg.
12. Whatever makes your heart happy…..

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