Finally got around to doing Lara’s family photoshoot last week.

Every time I saw her in the last couple of years Lar said she REALLY wants to do her family photies at some point.  Eventually I think I just said, “yes”, what-eva 🙂  Seriously tho’ – I honestly thought it would never happen. 

Well,  clearly, it did.  And what an awesome experience and enjoyable few hours it was.  So easy to see that the little dude is the complete apple of both of their eyes.  Talking of eyes – see if you can spot his amazing duo coloured ones !

When I arrived at Rhodes Memorial there was a humungous film shoot going on – they’d taken over the whole area that I wanted to use.  So – we improvised and decided to try a few other spots.  Slightly out of my comfort zone but it worked out well in the end.  I think Roy was relieved he didn’t have to sit on one of the lions anyway, he he.

The light in the late afternoon was so beautiful.  Soft, gentle long shadows and snippets of light dancing on the grass made it look  like it lit from below  Lara looked beautiful, Roy didn’t seem to fazed by the whole photoshoot thing, which I thought he would be – and every so often Adam gave me a beautiful moment which helped capture the ties that clearly bind this beautiful family.  When Adam poked his Dad in the eye with a stick I thoughts its perhaps time to call it a day.   

Thanks guys!  It was real.



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