And so it was, we arrived by plane in Barcelona.  The song by Queen ringing in my ears.  I had such great expectations for this city.  Somehow, I felt, I had Spanish in my blood (why I don’t know as my ancestry is Scandinavian, English and Irish).  The language, the food, the culture, Gaudi, the cathedrals – it all spoke to me.  But for some reason, I was a tad disappointed in Bar-the-lorna!  Perhaps it was the fact the an elderly British couple sitting at a street cafe next to us had been mugged and her gold chain yanked off her neck, or possibly the sad sights of the heroin druggies cruising some of the alley ways.  Most likely, it was coming straight from Florence which to me, has to be, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Pretty pastels and ornate statues

Some of the dazzling architecture inside Segrada Familia

Cherries – everywhere!  Loved it!  1 Euro a punnet – could eat them ’til the cows came home

Quite an iconic sight in Barcelona – scooters everywhere – this happened to be a display piece in the bar outside our apartment

A cute little parrot nibbling on some left-over Mcdonalds outside the Segrada Familia

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