Woo hoo and toodle ooh….or hey hey its Friday.  My boys are happy about that.  What will everyone be up to this weekend?  Hopefully the south easter takes a break as well.  But before we go there, lets talk BOUDOIR.

What is ‘Boudoir Photography’?  ~ one may well ask….

Its a couple of hours of complete “you time” ~  where you end up with;  smouldering or sultry, timeless or elegant, sexy, a little bit raunchy or even reckless, images,  of yourself.  Its something you can do just for YOU or maybe as a gift for someone special in your life.

I know I know….you’re saying things to yourself like;  “I’m too fat, too tall, too old, too ugly, too something or other!” .  I say nonsense.  It doesn’t matter what your shape or size is.  Every single woman out there has something special that makes her unique and beautiful.  There’s always something that makes you feel sexy or hot.  The role of a Boudoir Photographer is to bring that something out, even if its been hiding in the closet for yaaaaars.  Grab your best jeans, pay a bit extra for a make-up artiste, buy some new slinky underwear.  Whatever it takes, so it and then don’t hesitate.   Book your session with me and don’t look back 🙂

I way prefer a natural light setting so I look for whites and pastels, soft light areas and fun backgrounds.  I’m happy to get a bit daring and shoot outdoors, in a field, near a pool or even in a forest.  Its up to you and your imagination.  The key is to RELAX and HAVE FUN!

Where do we shoot?

I shoot wherever you feel most relaxed.  We can do it at home.  Yours or mine.  My favourite is to find a guesthouse or hotel (this is something you need to do), something that fits in with your style and vibe, book it for an hour or two and get those shots.

Hair & Make-up – is this included?

I don’t include hair & make-up in my pricing but can organise someone to be there a bit earlier to do this for you.  Happy to recommend a few people I have worked with.


So, back to the weekend.  Anyone going to a great little guesthouse or B&B, why don’t you scope it out for a possible Boudoir Session.  In box me with any suggestions.

Contact me on 0794969761 OR dee@deeduringphotography.co.za OR dpduring@me.com  to book an awesome VALENTINE’S DAY BOUDOIR SESSION

 Valentines Day Special-Boudoir Photoshoot

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